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Local Heros

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Andy Crosbie and his dedicated team at RM Audio have played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this year's SoapBox event. Their valuable contributions include providing the essential start platform, entertainment stage, racetrack sound system, and a wide array of microphones and music to enhance the overall experience. We are immensely grateful for RM Audio's unwavering support, as they have been consistent sponsors across all our events. Their willingness to offer us excellent deals and invest significant effort showcases the rarity of such dedicated community support.

RM Audio excels as stage lighting and sound specialists. For those seeking similar outstanding support for their own events, we encourage you to explore the possibilities offered by RM Audio on their website. Discover how they can elevate your event to new heights with their exceptional services and equipment

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Marshals North West

Marshal's North West is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all our competitors. Our team comprises highly skilled and dedicated professionals who prioritize delivering exceptional service. While working with us, we request that participants cover necessary expenses, while the majority of our efforts are driven by volunteer work. This approach aligns seamlessly with our mission to not only prioritize people's safety but also raise vital funds for St. Catherine's Hospice, furthering our noble objectives.

lease take a look below at their website and see how they can support your event

More Heros

Mick Ellison – W M Ellison. Mick and his team sort out the straw for the race course as well as bringing the barriers form chipping show. Without these guys, we would find it virtually impossible to run the event


Longridge Locksmiths – Chris Singleton. Chris is the creator in chief of the jumps that we use to add excitement to our event.


Belmont Garage – Mark Baines. Mark and his team do the scrutineering for our karts to make sure that everyone remains safe and sound. He gives a load back to the community and is a brilliant sounding board.


Rowan Scrap Metal – Providing a weigh-bridge facility for us so that we can implement a kart weight limit that will help to keep everyone safe.


Booths – Simon Lightfoot and his team. Booths never fail to support our initiatives and again this year, they are letting use all of their land to put on entertainment for the whole community which will really enhance our event.


Chipping Show – lending us their crowd barriers which otherwise we would need to pay £thousands for…..this means that we can give even more money to St Cats


Claire Eccles and Goosnargh and Longridge Agricultural Show (GLAS) – Claire and her team are manning the showground car-park so that we can put in place a park and ride for the benefit of residents and spectators, Claire is also doubling up as one half of the commentary team, along with the inimitable Rupert Swarbrick


Rupert Swarbrick – County councillor and great supporter of all Longridge based initiatives. Rupert will be commentating at our event and will be providing great entertainment for our spectators


Malcolm Hayhurst – Malc just gets things done. He is absolutely essential for helping us get the race-track set up and any other logistics that we need. His great contacts in the agricultural community helps us brings the whole community together.

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